Our fund distribution division curates outstanding investments funds across all asset classes, strategies and geographies.
Our strategic funds team, working under the BT Capital Partners brand, proactively seeks out the best funds in every market segment, applying a rigorous selection and due diligence process.
We help our clients and partners to access a range of fund opportunities with various risk-return profiles, offering potential diversification benefits, and allowing them to select the investments that best suit their goals and risk tolerance.


UCITS Funds can be useful instruments for investors to gain exposure to specific strategies or market segments. Our UCITS desk develops relationships with top investment managers across Europe
Regulated and Transparent

UCITS Funds comply with EU-wide regulations around standardisation, risk control and reporting

Liquidity Advantages

Investors in UCITS Funds generally benefit from enhanced liquidity as compared to other fund structures

Simple Format

As open-ended funds, UCITS tend to offer investors more flexible purchasing and sale options



We proactively source best-in-class alternatives funds across private equity, real estate, private credit and infrastructure, helping our clients obtain unique return profiles and achieve greater portfolio diversification.
Multiple Asset Classes

From traditional private equity and real estate funds to the latest innovative strategies in private credit, impact investing and emerging alternatives

Portfolio Enhancement

We advise clients on the best alternative funds for income generation, diversification or hedging purposes

Range of Formats

Our diverse catalogue of alternative investments offers various liquidity profiles, jurisdictions and share classes, allowing us to direct clients to the most appropriate option for their specific situation.


Sophisticated Trading Strategies

Our clients can access some of the most sophisticated trading strategies on the market, with custom exposure and a convenient format
Advanced Strategies

Underlying quantitative indices with specific targets around volatility and market correlation

Simplified Subscription

We facilitate the creation of synthetic notes that track these quantitative indices

Modified Exposures

Customisable structures allow for downside protection and leveraged upside participation