Direct Deals

We source and screen exclusive opportunities for direct investment in real estate and private equity, facilitating access to outstanding deals on attractive terms.

Real Estate

We source and structure unique investment opportunities in residential and commercial property, from direct purchases to lending opportunities.
In-Depth Due Diligence

Experienced real estate professionals assess and model each potential deal

Unique Opportunities

Clients benefit from exclusive investment opportunities inaccessible on the open market

Direct Exposure

Ideal for real estate specialists looking to add projects to their investment portfolio


Private Companies

We secure investment opportunities in high-growth private companies on behalf of our clients
High Growth Potential

Investing in private companies can offer the potential of a Venture Capital return profile

Targeting Established Companies

We focus on late-stage ventures and pre-IPO opportunities, seeking companies that have already demonstrated viability and longevity

Flexible Formats

Clients can access opportunities in various formats, from direct equity co-investing to purchasing stock options or convertible notes