We work with our wide network of issuers to create structured products, available for distribution as private placements or exchange-listed securities.
Our structured products can offer exposure to multiple asset classes, from equities and fixed income to FX pairs, commodities and credit, and can be fine-tuned to offer the perfect payoff profile.
We also facilitate bulk securities lending, helping clients with large holdings to realise a yield on their positions.

Private Placement

Distributing structured products as private placements offers maximum flexibility
Wide Network of Issuers

We work with a wide range of primary issuing bank and financial engineering firms.

Structures for any Investing Goal

A huge range of structures, from Autocallables and Reverse Convertibles to Credit-Linked Notes

Convenient Format

Products are structured as a single security with an ISIN, making subscription simple


Listed Products

We can also arrange for structured products to be launched as exchange-listed securities
Available on Major Exchanges

We help launch products on major European exchanges such as SeDeX, EuroTLX and SIX

Price Visibility

Publicly listed products generally show a bid and offer, allowing investors to easily track the product’s performance

Robust Secondary Market

Products listed on an exchange may be more liquid and easier to trade


Securities lending

We partner with banks and major market players to facilitate bulk security-lending for our clients
Unlocking an Additional Source of Yield

Our solutions turn large positions into income-generating assets