AMCs & Securitisation

We partner with clients to advise on and implement securitisation of illiquid assets.
Through various financial instruments such as Actively Managed Certificates, Repackaged Notes, and Delta One Certificates, we help to implement bespoke securitisation processes for portfolio managers, debt holders and investors

Distribution for Asset Managers

We help our asset manager partners to distribute their actively-managed trading strategies using Actively Managed Certificates, a structured product that delivers many of the advantages of an ETF while retaining the manager’s control and unique strategy
Convenient Format

Asset managers that use AMCs can offer investors simpler subscription and tracking processes as compared to traditional funds

Low Friction

AMCs are generally less costly to administer and maintain for the manager as compared to traditional funds

Active Management

Asset manager retain full control and flexibility in pursuing their active strategy


Debt Repackaging

Our Restructuring team can advise on and implement debt repacks, consolidating existing bonds in a Special Purpose Vehicle that then issues custom notes as the specifics of the situation require
Customised Parameters

Repackaged Notes allow the issuer to modify parameters such as coupon level, frequency and currency to suit the relevant investors

Debt Consolidation

Restructuring multiple bonds using Repackaged Notes simplifies cash flows and improves visibility

Enhanced Risk-Return Profile

Incorporating derivatives or other assets can enhance the overall profile of the Note for end investors