We use the latest financial engineering innovations to provide simple and effective financing for privately held companies and real estate projects.
We have built up experience using Actively Managed Certificates (AMCs) to facilitate project financing and corporate capital raising. We are well-placed to advise clients on how to implement this solution.

Real Estate Project Finance

Our Real Estate financing practice combines experience in the residential and commercial property sectors with expertise in the latest financial instruments.
Expert Insights

Our team can advise on the best type and method of financing for the real estate project in question.

Efficient Structuring

We advise on the most effective means of financing, whether through securitisation using AMCs, direct loans, or anything in between.

Holistic Approach

We draw on our experience to evaluate all aspects of each real estate project


Direct Capital Raising

Using an Actively Managed Certificate (AMCs) can be an efficient way to raise capital for ventures, privately held companies, or other projects
Turnkey Solution

AMCs are a ready-made financing solution, allowing company owners to raise funds without the expense and hassle of working with investment bankers

Flexible Channel

The AMC vehicle can be denominated and domiciled in the way most suitable for the specific fundraise

Broadened Access

Using AMCs for capital raising can also lower minimum investment tickets, allowing more investors to participate in these opportunities